How many hours of cleaning does my home need?

A Helpful Guide

All our cleaning services are based on hourly rates, allowing you to book the time you need and specify your focus areas and priorities directly with your cleaner. The number of tasks completed is directly related to the total hours booked. As an example, a 2-hour booking would not be sufficient to clean a 4-bedroom home thoroughly.

Estimated Time Needed for Whole-Home Cleaning:

🔵 Regular Clean & Once-Off Clean

Includes General Clean: Full bathroom, floors (vac & mop), kitchen surfaces, and dusting (dependent on hours booked)

  • 1 bed 1 bathroom: 2 hours ⌛
  • 2 bed 1 bathroom: 2 hours ⌛
  • 2 bed 2 bathroom: 2-3 hours ⌛
  • 3 bed 1 bathroom: 2-3 hours ⌛
  • 3 bed 2 bathroom: 3 hours ⌛
  • 4 bed 2 bathroom: 4 hours ⌛
  • 4 bed 3 bathroom: 4-5 hours ⌛
  • 5 bed 3 bathroom: 5-6 hours ⌛

 🔵 Deep Clean 

Includes all features of a Regular Clean, along with added services like cleaning internal cabinets, oven, rangehood, and internal windows. The time required for a Deep Clean can differ significantly based on specific tasks, such as spot-cleaning walls or dusting blinds, which are notably time-intensive. Hours needed are dependent on your unique requirements.

  • 1 bed 1 bathroom: 6 hours ⌛
  • 2 bed 1 bathroom: 6 – 8 hours ⌛
  • 2 bed 2 bathroom: 6 – 10 hours ⌛
  • 3 bed 1 bathroom: 6 – 10 hours ⌛
  • 3 bed 2 bathroom: 6 – 12 hours ⌛
  • 4 bed 2 bathroom: 8 – 12 hours ⌛
  • 4 bed 3 bathroom: 8 – 12 hours ⌛
  • 5 bed 3 bathroom: 10 hours + ⌛
🔔 One Cleaner, One Job: The cleaning times estimated in this guide, and the hours you select on our booking form, are calculated as labour hours for a single cleaner. We typically assign just one cleaner per job, rather than teams, to ensure greater reliability and accountability. However, for extensive tasks like a Deep Clean exceeding 8 hours, we may arrange a team of cleaners. Therefore, if you book 3 hours or see an estimate for 3 hours in this guide, it means one cleaner will work for 3 hours cleaning your home.

Why do extra bedrooms add more cleaning time? The time taken to clean an additional bedroom isn’t the main factor. Rather, homes with more bedrooms usually have other enlarged spaces too—like bigger kitchens or an extra living room etc. So, when we estimate cleaning time for a home with more bedrooms, it’s not about the bedrooms per se; it’s about the overall increase in the size of the home. For instance, a home with 5 bedrooms isn’t just two bedrooms larger than a 3-bedroom home; it’s usually significantly bigger overall, with more spaces that require cleaning.

How do extra bathrooms affect the overall cleaning time required? Unlike bedrooms, bathrooms are often some of the most labour-intensive areas to clean in a home, due to the variety of surfaces and the high level of cleanliness required. Cleaning an extra bathroom can add anywhere from 30 minutes to 1 hour to the overall cleaning time, and a powder room (toilet-only room) may add another 15-20 minutes. Additionally, more bathrooms also suggests a larger home size and complexity, which, while playing a smaller role, still contributes to the overall estimated cleaning time.

Other Factors Affecting Time Needed:

  •         Single or Double Story Home
  •         Condition of Home (When was it last thoroughly cleaned?)
  •         Your Specific Requirements (Some tasks are more time-consuming)

Fair Comparisons, Evaluating Cost and Service: If transitioning from a fixed-price cleaning service to our hourly-rate model, consider the overall cost for a comparable amount of cleaning. If you book a base level of 2 hours with us but used to pay your previous cleaner twice as much, you may have been paying for two cleaners. Therefore, to achieve a similar amount of work done, a 4-hour booking with us would be needed.

🔔 This is a general guide only and may not be suited to your needs and home. You may need more or less hours.

Why Our Hourly Rate Service is Your Best Choice

When it comes to cleaning services, you often face two options: fixed price or hourly rate. We’re committed to offering you the best value and quality, which is why we’ve chosen to provide services at an hourly rate. Here’s why:

– Transparency & Consistency: With hourly rates, you get exactly what you pay for—no more, no less. When you book a 3-hour service, you’re guaranteed 3 hours of dedicated cleaning. This way, you can measure the service you receive, ensuring consistent and fair delivery every time.

– Flexibility to Suit Your Needs: Our hourly rate system lets you tailor the cleaning to what you specifically require. Whether you need your entire house cleaned or just specific areas, you decide the focus and duration, making your service customizable and adaptable.

– Quality Over Quantity: Unlike fixed price services that may encourage rushing, our cleaners dedicate their full attention to delivering quality. Be it a pre-party deep clean or your regular weekly service, the focus is on thoroughness and hygiene.

Upfront, No-Surprise Pricing: When you book with us, you choose the number of hours you want your cleaner to work. The price is confirmed at the time of booking, and that’s exactly what you’ll pay. Your cleaner will complete as much as they can within your pre-booked time. So, there are no hidden fees or unexpected charges. You’re in control, always. In contrast, fixed-price services may offer low initial quotes, only to increase charges later.

Better Value: When compared hour-to-hour, our hourly rate services can be up to 40% more cost-effective than fixed price alternatives. We’ve gone into great depth comparing these pricing methods in our detailed guide, which we invite you to – Click Here To Uncover the Truth

📜 Is a Satisfaction Guarantee Provided?
Yes, we do. Our guarantee is based on the quality of the hours you book with us. We commit to delivering top-notch cleaning in the time allocated. However, please note that the satisfaction guarantee does not extend to cleaning your entire home unless the booked time allows. The completion of all tasks is dependent on the hours booked.


Understanding Our Cleaning Services: Time, Efficiency, and Ongoing Care.

Once Off Clean or Regular Clean bookings are for a 2-hour minimum. A Deep Clean, also known as a spring clean or move out clean is for a minimum of 6 hours.

While 2 hours may be the minimum for a general clean, it is important to note that many homes require more hours. When making the booking, consider the size and condition of your home, how many bathrooms etc, and any specific requirements unique to your home and family. Our experience indicates most homes require more than 2 hours, with many of our clients booking for an average of 3-4 hours per cleaning session for a Regular or Once Off Clean.

Please also allow a little longer than anticipated for your first cleaning session. Your cleaner needs to become familiar with your home, where everything is located, and what, if any, special requests you might have. After a few regular sessions, your cleaner will quickly fall into a routine and complete their tasks in an efficient and timely manner.

We recommend a regular cleaning routine. Not only will your cleaner become more efficient with an ongoing routine, but your home will look clean, be more hygienic, smell fresh, and be safe, for your family.

Allow yourself, and your cleaner, 2-3 sessions so you will be able to accurately determine the number of hours required, as well as having created a working relationship with your cleaner.

It is our recommendation that you discuss with your cleaner the overall progress of the work being completed. It may be necessary to increase the number of hours, or the frequency. For example, if you are booked for a Regular Clean every fortnight, however, feel your home is not maintaining the hygiene levels you desire through the fortnight, then the solution is to increase the number of visits. You may also wish to increase the hours and duties, within each visit.

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