The Truth About Bargain Home Cleaners

Why Paying Less Can Cost You More

We all love a good deal. So when you find a private cleaner willing to clean your home for a low hourly rate, it can be tempting to jump at the perceived bargain. But before you do, it’s important to understand the reality behind rock-bottom cleaning prices. When you hire an individual cleaner directly, especially one charging well below market rates, you’re taking a big risk. Bargain cleaners may seem reliable at first, but the arrangement is often unsustainable in the long run.

Here’s why:

Cleaning is labour, not a product you buy at a discount. You wouldn’t expect any tradesperson or professional services provider to offer their services at a deep discount indefinitely. The same applies to cleaners. When you pay a very low hourly rate for cleaning services, it undervalues the skill and effort required to do the job properly. Eventually, the cleaner will realise they can’t survive on such low wages. Which means they’ll either dramatically raise their rates overnight or quit entirely.

There’s no ‘good deal’ when it comes to paying for labour. When you pay bargain prices for cleaning, you’re not getting a special deal. You’re just paying an unsustainably low wage to the cleaner. Low prices often mean high turnover and unreliability. Professional cleaners rely on their wages to make a living. Those charging the lowest industry rates will quickly burn out, search for higher paying jobs, or leave the industry entirely. This translates to high turnover and unpredictability for you as the customer. One day your cleaning person may simply stop showing up, leaving you scrambling to find a replacement.

The Hidden Cost of Inexperience

When it comes to cleaning services, low prices can be a red flag. A private cleaner with rates significantly below the market may lack the experience necessary to deliver high-quality service. This inexperience can lead to unsatisfactory cleaning results and a need for frequent rehiring. Companies that offer services at minimal costs often do so at the expense of proper vetting and training, resulting in a workforce that may not meet professional cleaning standards. Opting for such services might save money upfront but can ultimately lead to greater costs in terms of time and quality. Furthermore, these companies prioritise increasing client volume over maintaining service quality. They are less impacted by dissatisfied customers because their business model relies on continuously attracting new clients with low prices. By keeping their recruiting costs down through minimal background and skill checks, they manage to maintain low service rates, perpetuating a cycle of quantity over quality.


At Inner Melbourne Maids, we stand firmly behind the quality and reliability that define our professional cleaning services. We offer a superior alternative to the uncertainties that can accompany individual cleaners or companies that operate with low standards. As a reputable agency, we have a substantial network of reliable and trustworthy professional cleaners, ensuring that our clients are never inconvenienced by the common oversights typical of companies with lower standards and less professional rigor.

Our model is built on fairness: cleaners referred through our agency are compensated equitably, which allows us to attract the most proficient cleaning professionals. This commitment to fairness means you receive consistently high-quality cleaning without unexpected disruptions. While some companies might offer unsustainably low prices by cutting corners on vetting processes, and private cleaners may lack the infrastructure to provide a genuine commitment to service, we at Inner Melbourne Maids prioritise both.

Choosing Inner Melbourne Maids means opting for peace of mind. We don’t compete with bottom-dollar services that sacrifice thoroughness and security. Our rates are fair and reflect the extensive background checks, training, and vetting we conduct to ensure our referred cleaners meet the highest standards. With Inner Melbourne Maids, you’re not just paying for a cleaning service; you’re investing in a trustworthy and consistently excellent cleaning experience. Our fair rates and professional practices ensure the highest quality cleaning experience from start to finish.

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