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Hourly Rate or Set price? Which one is better?

All our cleaning is charged by the hour. This gives our clients the freedom to choose the level of cleaning they desire and only pay for the time required, as opposed to a set price. If a client books 3 hours this means they are paying for one person to dedicate 3 hours of their labour to the cleaning of their home. This is measurable and can always be delivered in a consistent manner. This makes hourly billing the fairest billing system for both the client and the cleaner.

Fixed/flat price packages offer no flexibility. This lack of ‘grace’ disenables easy reviews of your needs, which will, from time to time, change. Perhaps you are planning being away for a week? With a FIXED or flat rate, you are committed to the price, even if you may only need a quick 2-hour clean this fortnight, instead of a through 4-hour clean.

A fix-rate clean also doesn’t accommodate ‘extra’ cleaning which may be required. Maybe you have a big party planned and will require a more thorough clean prior to the party, and a much longer clean after? Fixed price agreements tend to pressure the cleaner to somehow clean a larger task within the same regular booked hours. This results in a less than satisfactory clean, compromising on not only the obvious visual lack of attention to detail, but also the more important lack of attention to hygienic detail.

So, in scenario one, the client would end up paying the same fixed/set price for a cleaner doing considerably less work and in scenario two, the client ends up paying for a service delivered at a lower standard and possibly incomplete.

Hourly cleaning does not have these issues.

Maths doesn’t lie. When looking at set price home cleaning services, if you calculate the hours spent, or look the total limit of hours stated in the terms, the end result is more expensive than hourly rates. When doing an hour-to-hour price comparison of these two billing methods, the difference in real cost can be as high as 40%. Hourly Rates will cost considerably less.

All cleaners are fully vaccinated ✅