Hourly Rate or Set price? Which one is better?

All the cleaning services we provide are charged hourly. This gives our clients the freedom to choose the level of cleaning they desire and only pay for that as opposed to a set price which also comes with some other drawbacks. If a client books 3 hours this means they are paying for one person to dedicate 3 hours of their labour to the cleaning of their home. This is measurable and can always be delivered in a consistent manner. This makes hourly billing the fairest billing system for both the client and the cleaner.

The reason why we don’t do a fixed price / flat price for your whole home is the condition of your home will vary from time to time. There may be appointments in which your home will need need less or more cleaning – but the price will still be the same. This presents problems. For instance with a fixed price clean if a home requires more cleaning than usual, the cleaner is pressured to rush and compromise on the quality as the cleaner may be thinking they are not getting paid to spend extra time. In the opposite scenario to this the home may be in better condition than usual. This means the cleaner will spend less time cleaning and yet will be paid the same fixed price to clean the home. So in scenario one, the client ends up paying for a service which is delivered at a lower standard and possibly incomplete. In scenario two the client would end up paying the same fixed/set price for a cleaner doing considerably less work. Hourly cleaning does not have these issues.

Another important factor to consider is that an Hourly Rate is better value than a Set Price. For instance when looking at set price home cleaning services if you actually calculate the hours spent on these kind of jobs (or look at the total limit of hours stated in the terms) it can be easily seen that it works out to be more expensive than hourly rates. When doing an hour to hour price comparison of these two billing methods a difference in cost of up to 40% can be seen. Hourly Rates will cost considerably less.