Is it better to have a solo cleaner or a team of cleaners?

There are differing opinions on whether it is better for a house to be cleaned by a single person or a team of cleaners.  A lot of opinions on this topic are based on perceptions rather than reality. Based on real life trials and comparisons our we have found that better results are achieved when your home is cleaned by one person. Our agency in the past used to have a mixture of team and solo cleaners. We have now moved mainly towards single cleaners as this has proven to provide a better experience for our clients.

When a house is cleaned by one person the cleaner has greater accountability and this reflects on the quality of the clean.

Another advantage of a solo cleaner is there is greater reliability. This is because the cleaner is not relying on a second person to be able to finish the job. For instance if there are two people in a team and one person is unable to attend the job, one person alone may not be able to complete that job. This is because team cleaners rely on each other throughout the whole day to finish jobs. There will generally be jobs booked back to back when working in a team.

A team of cleaners are also less flexible with the hours booked. For instance if you only want a 2 hour clean a two person team may not want to accept that job. This is because each person will only be cleaning for 1 hour and once the travel time is factored in they may think it is economically unfeasible.

A team of cleaners are generally less flexible with allocating more time to a job if needed. This is because they usually have more jobs booked in a day compared to a solo cleaner. If a team allocates more time than planned on a specific job this will affect all the other appointments in that day.

It is actually easier for agencies to book a team of cleaners rather than a single cleaner for a job. This is why team cleaners are so common amongst cleaning companies. Unfortunately team cleaners are incorrectly marketed as more efficient/faster and cost effective for the client. This is totally incorrect and misleading as there is no difference in labour hours required to complete the clean if it is one person or two people. For instance the total labour hours of two people cleaning for 1.5 hours is the same as one person cleaning for 3 hours.

Our top priority is the quality and reliability of the cleaning service. For this reason we always try to assign a single person to a job where possible. It is also much easier to follow up on a cleaning job when you are dealing with one person rather than multiple.

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