How often do I need house cleaning?

The best way to achieve cleanliness in a home is through regular cleaning. We recommend either weekly or fortnightly cleaning for optimum cleaning results and the best savings. Monthly cleans are treated as a Once Off Clean (which costs more) and can be arranged casually if requested. It is important to note a monthly clean will defeat the purpose of a Regular Clean because places such as bathrooms and floors need to be regularly maintained in order to achieve a clean home. Going one month without the floors or bathrooms cleaned is a less than desirable time interval to leave these areas without attention.

Reducing the frequency of a clean (greater time interval between each clean) will lead to more cleaning hours being needed to reach optimum cleaning results. So for instance if you were to try to achieve optimum cleaning with monthly cleans, the same total hours as two fortnightly cleans will still be required except that the monthly clean will end up costing more. This is why regular weekly and fortnightly cleans are best value for money home cleaning services that can be booked.