How often do I need house cleaning?

There is only one effective way to ensure your home is hygienically clean, and that is through regular, thorough, cleaning. We recommend either weekly or fortnightly cleaning, for optimum cleaning results.

Weekly/fortnightly cleans are also better value for money. Monthly cleans are treated as a Once-Off Clean, therefore are charged at the higher, casual clean rate.

It is important to note a monthly clean will not be sufficient to maintain the cleanliness of areas such as bathrooms, kitchens, and floors. These high traffic areas need to be maintained on a regular basis to ensure they are safe, and free from harmful bacteria etc.

There can be little argument floors, kitchen benches, and bathroom basins, unwashed, and undisinfected, for a month will not only look unsightly, but will also pose a health risk to your family. Reducing the frequency of a clean (greater time interval between each clean) will lead to more cleaning hours required for each less regular clean.

Aside from taking longer to achieve optimum cleaning results, which, as pointed out earlier, will cost more per hour. The nett financial cost may well be the same, or higher, than a regular fortnightly clean. For example, to achieve the same optimum clean during a monthly clean, as for a fortnightly, your Cleaning Tech will likely need the same number of hours for the one monthly, as two fortnightly cleans. As monthly cleans are charged at a higher rate, you will pay more. And, depending on the size of your family, and the activity, no amount of cleaning will keep dirt and bacteria from accumulating over the following month.

A monthly clean, for most households, saves little or no money, and will not give you, and your family, the peace of mind of living in a clean, safe, home. Therefore, regular weekly and fortnightly cleans are not only better for your family’s health but are also better value for money.

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