The Truth About the “Premium” Label in Cleaning Services

Why Paying More Doesn’t Always Mean Getting More

Typically, ‘premium’ suggests superior quality, and justifiably, consumers expect the best when they see that label. However, in the cleaning industry, the term ‘premium’ can be misleading, often used to justify higher prices without delivering enhanced service. Let’s delve deeper into this issue:

The Premium Label

Many companies claim to offer premium services as a means to justify higher charges. It’s an easy and effective marketing strategy to link higher prices to higher value. However, the reality is that quality cleaning doesn’t have to come with a steep price.

While it’s perfectly acceptable for a company to label its services as ‘premium,’ caution is warranted when this term dominates their marketing. Excessive emphasis on ‘premium’ can be a red flag, signalling that the company may be using it primarily as a justification for inflated prices rather than as a reflection of superior service quality.

The Cost of Quality Cleaning

Quality cleaning services don’t need to be the most expensive. Frequently, companies charging premium rates don’t pass the full amount to their cleaners. Moreover, a private cleaner with high fees can often be matched, if not exceeded, by a more affordable alternative. The key is to find a balance, seeking fair and reasonable compensation for quality service while also avoiding rock-bottom prices, which invariably involve a compromise in quality. Many independent cleaning professionals and companies exploit the ‘premium’ label to justify exorbitant rates. Especially for customers who’ve endured poor service in the past, this exploitation of the ‘premium’ label can be particularly persuasive, leading them to believe that a higher price is the only path to a satisfactory cleaning experience

How Our Agency Delivers Premium Services Without the Premium Price.

We avoid overcharging by operating efficiently with streamlined systems and processes that benefit everyone—customers, cleaners, and the agency—thereby passing these savings on to our customers for premium service without the premium price. A significant majority of the fee you pay goes directly to the cleaners who are independent cleaning professionals. This makes them among the highest paid in the industry.

The Hidden Costs of Fixed Rate Pricing

Many customers shop around, comparing cleaning prices. But what they often overlook is the hidden cost in fixed rate pricing when comparing it to hourly prices. With fixed pricing structures, it’s hard to determine how much you’re actually paying for labour. Our pricing system is straightforward and per hour. You get what you pay for, no hidden costs. When compared to companies that charge fixed rates and claim to offer premium services, you could be paying up to 40% more for the same, or even lesser quality of service.

For instance, consider a 2-bedroom and 1-bathroom home that may only require 2 hours of cleaning, costing $105 based on an hourly rate. However, the same job could be quoted at $150 with a fixed price for cleaning a 2-bedroom home. Since a cleaner would only spend 2 hours on the task, the fixed rate allows the company to inflate the price and earn higher margins. This pricing strategy is precisely why many cleaning companies opt for fixed rates over transparent hourly billing.


The label ‘premium’ in cleaning services is often a cover for charging more. If you’re not paying bargain-basement prices, you can find excellent cleaners who will deliver the same or even superior service. At our agency, we believe in transparency, efficiency, and reasonable pricing. We deliver top-notch, premium cleaning services without the premium price tag, proving that a clean home doesn’t require an empty wallet.

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