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How many hours of regular cleaning does my home need?

All bookings, whether a One-Off or Regular clean, are for a 2-hour minimum.

While 2 hours may be the minimum, it is important to note that many homes require longer. When making the booking, consider the size of your home, how many bathrooms etc., and any specific requirements unique to your home and family. Our experience indicates most homes require more than 2 hours, with many of our clients booking for an average of 3-4 hours per cleaning session.

Please also allow a little longer than anticipated for your first cleaning session. Your Cleaning Tech needs to become familiar with your home, where everything is located, and what, if any, special requests you might have. After a few regular sessions, your Tech will quickly fall into a routine and complete their task in an efficient and timely manner.

We recommend a regular cleaning routine. Not only will your Tech become more efficient with an ongoing routine, but your home will look clean, be more hygienic and smell fresh, and be safe, for your family.

Allow yourself, and your Cleaning Tech, 2-3 sessions so you’ll be able to accurately determine the number of hours required, as well as having created a working relationship with your Cleaning Tech.

It is our recommendation that you discuss with your Tech the overall progress of the work being completed. It may be necessary to increase the number of hours, or the frequency. For example, if you are booked for a regular clean every fortnight, however, feel your home is not maintaining the hygiene levels you desire through the fortnight, then the solution is to increase the number of visits. You may also wish to increase the hours and duties, within each visit.

All cleaners are fully vaccinated ✅