How many hours of regular cleaning does my home need?

The minimum hours that can be booked for a Once Off Clean or Regular Clean is 2 hours. It is important to note a 2 hour session may not be enough for every home to complete the required tasks. If you think your home requires more cleaning, booking an additional hour can make a noticeable difference. Many of our clients book in the range of 3-4 hours per session to have their cleaning needs met.

On your initial clean your cleaning tech is becoming familiar with your home which is why it will usually take longer to complete the tasks. With each regular clean the efficiency of the clean will increase. We recommend regular cleaning for the best results as the cleanliness of your place will be maintained throughout all times of the year. Regular cleaning produces better results with each clean. We recommend you asses how many hours you require for your Regular Clean service after you have had a few completed sessions. You will then be able to accurately determine how many hours works best for your home to achieve the desired level of cleaning. If you think you are not getting enough cleaning, increasing the hours and decreasing the frequency (example monthly cleans) will not address issue. The solution is to either keep the frequency of the clean the same and increase the hours or to increase both the frequency and hours so there will be even a greater improvement.