What are the benefits of booking a Regular Clean?

A Regular Clean (fortnightly or weekly) helps to ensure your home is always clean. When you book a Regular Clean you have the same cleaner each time, and never have to worry about cleaning your home again.

The aim of a Regular Clean is to provide you with sparkling bathrooms and clean floors (vacuumed and mopped). These areas are always our first priority, due to heavy traffic, and require regular attention. Cleaning kitchen surfaces and dusting is also requested often by clients.

Once your cleaner has taken care of the bathrooms and floors, they will focus on kitchen surfaces (cooktop, splashback, benchtops, exterior kitchen cabinets and exterior kitchen appliances, sink & tap) and dusting (wiping coffee table, TV unit etc in the living area and bedside tables etc in the bedrooms). Your cleaner will only be able to complete all the above-mentioned tasks if there is sufficient time booked.

Many of our clients lead busy lives, dividing their energy between work and family commitments, leaving them little time for household chores. A Regular Clean frees our clients time, reduces their stress and anxiety by ensuring the task of cleaning is done, and done to a high standard, and gives them back their ‘down-time’ to relax.

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