Should I step out when my house is being cleaned?

Often clients like to leave the house when their cleaner arrives. This is to make their cleaner feel comfortable and to not give them the feeling that they are being watched. This is a kind way of thinking and the respect shown to the cleaners are always appreciated. Also stepping out of the house means there are less people in the house which it would be making it easier to clean.

The above is all true however there some are major benefits in staying home when your cleaner is cleaning. To the contrary your cleaner will not mind if you stayed home or if you had to check on them from time to time. They also appreciate this because a professional cleaner wants to understand what your requirements are and they want to know that their cleaning is meeting your requirements. They don’t necessarily think it is disrespectful for the client to check on them. From a professional cleaner’s mindset this is totally understood as something reasonable.

Sometimes it is very important for the client to stay home so they can see what work is being completed in the booked time. This is because it will be up to the client to determine how many hours will be booked for each appointment. If the client sees their cleaner cleaning they will have a greater understanding of whether sufficient hours has been booked to complete the required tasks. If the client has certain expectations they will also be able to see if it is realistic to achieve these as what is being completed can be observed during the cleaning.

The problem with stepping out and coming back to your home only once the job has been finished means it will be too late to amend any of the work. It is important to provide instructions and feedback if possible before and while the work is being carried out.

Cleaning provides two major benefits which are sanitising and removing dirt/dust. Removing dirt/dust is a task which is noticeable once completed however if an area that does not appear to be dirty has been cleaned and sanitised this may not be noticeable. In many instances cleaners will spend time on areas and tasks where they will be wiping and cleaning even if there is no visible dirt on the surface. The time and effort allocated to doing this may not be noticeable to the eye. This however does not mean those surfaces were not cleaned or specific tasks were not completed. We have noticed a greater satisfaction with clients who have been home while their cleaner has cleaned their house. This is because they were able to observe the hard work the cleaner has put in rather than observing the work by checking surfaces when coming home to a finished job.

There is no golden rule that the client should be home, however we recommend that from time to time or especially for the initial clean the client is home so they can get an understanding of what work is being carried out. This will allow the client to determine the ideal amount of our hours of cleaning required for their home.

The purpose of this article is to present some of the benefits of staying home, especially on the initial clean. There is a widely held belief that it is best to just leave your home when your cleaner arrives which is not completely true. We wanted to share with our readers another way of looking at this popular belief.

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