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Who is Inner Melbourne Maids?

IMM initially started with one person, our founder Paula Rod who began cleaning homes for her clients based in Footscray. Paula's unparalleled attention to quality and detail, and her unique systematic approach to cleaning resulted in the creation of a formula which delivered a consistent high standard cleaning to each home. Her remarkable style of cleaning was noticed shortly by her clients. She became popular and highly recommended amongst her client base for her skills, cleaning system and character.

She eventually started cleaning together with a team of ladies as her client base grew larger. All through word of mouth business Paula and her team had become the preferred choice of cleaners for a large group of mothers in the inner west mums community of Melbourne.

Later on, through further recommendations new clients started pouring in from Melbourne's inner city and inner south east suburbs. Inundated with all the new requests for home cleaning she was faced with two options; to either decline the extra work as her and the team were fully booked out or find a way to be able service new clients without compromising on the quality of service that she has been providing to existing clients. She decided on the latter and as a result founded IMM, a cleaning agency for Melbourne's inner west, inner city and inner south east suburbs.

She formed the agency and its operations based around her experience, know how, proven cleaning system and processes with the goal to ensure that each client will consistently receive a high standard clean, the same she had always been providing her clients herself. She succeeded and as a result of her and the teams efforts IMM has become Melbourne's Premier Cleaning Agencyβ„’.

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